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About IMPC

Extensive expertise in components, integration factor (embedded) and the market. We use the same "LEGO bricks" as far as possible; parts we know very well, in "form and colour".

  • Honesty, professionalism, customer-oriented, solutions-focused, self-recognition
  • Aware of our own competences. Decline a project if it does not make sense to produce the solution for the customer
  • Adaptable, hybrid and good at understanding the customer's real needs
  • Takes responsibility for the entire solution (platform, hardware, software) including cost management
  • Partnership and relationship as colleagues. In the same boat/joint ownership of the solution. We won’t always agree with you, but we will come up with the best solution. Goes for the ball not the player as it is in our common interest to score the end goal.
  • Adaptable, hybrid and good at understanding the customer's real needs.
  • Ability to combine hardware and software in the right solution
  • Financially robust
  • Well-crafted, well-functioning workflows
  • Our experience and background is a toolbox filled with technical expertise, designs, etc.

Our history

IMPC Solutions started when three enterprising young men set up a a private limited company in Aarhus.

The company was founded on 20 March 2001 with the aim of developing and producing electronics solutions for the industry. In its early years, the company was based in Tilst near Aarhus, where the foundation for the company was created.


IMPC later moved to Egtved after entering into a closer partnership with Daltec A/S to develop the electronics for smart feed control systems. To strengthen this partnership, Daltec took over 50% of the ownership stake in IMPC, as the continued operation of IMPC meant that a change in ownership was necessary.


IMPC moved to its own premises in Egtved, on Nydamsvej in 2014, as it needed more space for future growth.

In May 2015, IMPC faced a setback when director and founder Henrik Nowak died after a long period of illness. Daltec took full ownership and control and stabilised IMPC with a view to continued operations.

IMPC got its own SMD line in 2017 to improve its ability to offer customers the core services IMPC provides.  IMPC currently has approx. 800 m2 of production and warehouse space at its disposal and was named a Gazelle company by Børsen in 2019.


With 20 years of experience and a strong foundation, IMPC has proved that through flexibility and ability to adapt, IMPC can still be counted on as a skilled, well-consolidated electronics development and manufacturing company that is also able to provide our customers with software and turn-key solutions.



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IMPC is accommodating and will take you seriously.

We have the ability to get to grips with (and challenge) your project.

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