Industrial control systems

Mechanical and electronic integration expertise

Industrial control systems and electronics for the process industry

Control systems developed to suit industrial requirements

  • Adapted mechanical and electronic integration based on environmental requirements.
  • Solution optimisation of existing products, from modular based to optimised integrations, a better end product, stability and solutions.
  • Software that focuses on user-friendliness and integration with app, Cloud, etc.

How to get to the finish line with industrial control systems and electronics

  • No-strings meeting
  • Planning and purchasing
  • Process management and manufacture
  • Testing / friction testing / verified / accredited
  • Packaging and logistics


Automatic feed system for agriculture and fish farming

IMPC has for many years delivered automatic feed control systems for agriculture and fish farming.


New functions have been added on an ongoing basis and the control software has also been expanded with new functions.


During the process, we had to deal with components that were part of the solution which were "End of Life" so IMPC had to work out and secure the customer a future solution that offered several new functions that can be activated over time.

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