High quality with full traceability

Embedded solutions

High quality with full traceability, final testing, quality control and documentation


  • Embedded platforms, including Qseven, ComExpress, ARM SoM
  • Platforms – embedded, 16-32 bit, low power, IoT, Cloud etc.
  • GUI/MMI user interface, keypad, touch, LCD, TFT, graphical.
  • Embedded solutions that are customised to your requirements, even for small runs – IMPC's proven technology platform concept protects your investment.

How to get to the finish line with embedded solutions

  • No-strings meeting

  • Planning and purchasing

  • Process management and manufacture

  • Testing / friction testing / verified / accredited

  • Packaging and logistics


Reissue of embedded controller from 1998

The customer's product could no longer be re-manufactured, so it was therefore necessary to update the old design.


IMPC came up with a "form-fit-function" update for the customer so that the product could easily be re-approved for marine applications without high follow-up costs.


IMPC chose a new CPU architecture and has ported all existing embedded software to the new microcontroller.

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