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Electronics development and manufacturing, with mechanical integration

IMPC delivers security and ownership towards an optimal solution of electronics manufacture and mechanical integration.


In a market that offers unimaginable opportunities for software and hardware development, IMPC strives for simplicity, secure choices and loyal partnerships to allow results-oriented companies with embedded and process-based industrial operations to achieve optimal product integrations; economically, functionally and without long workarounds.

We bring you to the finish line with:

  • Development of software and control system electronics
  • Prototypes
  • Industrial control systems and electronics for the process industry
  • Embedded platforms

Optimum product integration

IMPC assures you all the way to a reliable optimum product; from system design, purchasing, manufacture, box-building, testing, packaging and distribution.


Turnkey solutions where IMPC takes ownership and creates security through the ENTIRE process.

Six steps for your optimal product integration

  1. We do market research on price and function for your idea to save you expensive development costs if the solution already exists.

  2. We do not reach our goal until the product provides value for you. Your investment in consulting and development is distributed over subsequent production runs and strengthens your liquidity. At the same time, this strategy protects against failed IT projects and gives the whole team a natural motivation to get you to your end goal.

  3. You are not alone. We are available and take ownership through problem solving, high quality, full traceability, final testing, quality control and documentation.

  4. We take responsibility for the ENTIRE process and contribute our expert knowledge. Our self-awareness means that other competences can be brought in if necessary. It allows you to make the right choices and avoid major negative consequences on your schedule, employees and finances.

  5. You receive a customised product that is based on well-tried components. This gives you a head start in design, production and economy… and not least a product that works right from the start.

  6. Using a single provider gives you an uncomplicated partnership. It is always easier to use one supplier if you aim to avoid numerous mistakes being made in an often complicated, long and expensive process with many conflicting interests. The more complex your solution, the more important it is to have a good ally who is on your team. With IMPC, buyers or project managers in the process industry will have a safer path towards a reliable end product

Your direct route to your end goal

IMPC is accommodating and will take you seriously.

We have the ability to get to grips with (and challenge) your project.

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