Hardware & Software

Design, software and hardware development

Development of hardware and software

Honest answers, transparency and design based on well-tried components to give you confidence that your product will ultimately be the right solution at the right price

  • Design, software and hardware development
  • Software/control system electronics (e.g. slider command control)
  • We offer development without a high margin. We earn our money from subsequent manufacture.
  • IMPC is highly motivated to help its customers to achieve their goals, as our revenue does not come from development, but from subsequent production runs. This has a positive effect on the customer
  • Optimising solutions. Can change a design from the development company for optimal process. Manufacturing can be optimised by for example using one type of screw instead of three
  • The customer owns their design (the “formula”). There is no need to start all over again from scratch if a new supplier is chosen
  • Start-up costs are often spread over subsequent production runs, which makes it easy to get started. The customer also experiences that IMPC is motivated to get to the finish line in the most optimal way.

Freelance software developer

We are aware of the industry's challenges with competent software developers and the importance of a successful project on time, with black numbers on the bottom line.

Team up with our freelance software developer:

  • when you experience temporary peak loads where it is not profitable to hire permanently
  • when your full-time developers need new eyes on a project
  • when a project lacks skills and hours for coding
  • when a project needs to be completed before a tight deadline

Software competences

  • Embedded MCU: Cortex, Pic, ATMega, C, C++
  • Windows desktop app.
  • -C#, C++, C
  • Xamarin Mobile app. -C#
  • Windows presentation foundation (WPF)/
  • XAML
  • Azure cloud service, notification hub
  • SQL
  • Google RPC
  • Windows Communication foundation (WCF)
  • NB-loT, LPWAN
  • Bluetooth 4.2->
  • State machines
  • Visual Studio
  • VisualGDB for visual studio
  • STM32CubeMX
  • AR Embedded workbench
  • wRowley Crossworks

How to get your development and prototypes to their end goal

  • No-strings meeting
  • Planning and purchasing
  • Process management and manufacture
  • Testing / friction testing / verified / accredited
  • Packaging and logistics


An IMPC design process package price always includes functioning prototypes.


Prototypes allow us to demonstrate "proof of concept" i.e. the developed/designed product.



Mobile app for automatic feed system, agriculture/fish farming.


For one of our customers, we have expanded their existing control system with a mobile app solution.


The system’s users now have on-site online access to monitor data and to alter data and entries.


The solution takes care of the connection type, so the user is either connected via internal WLAN or via 4G-5G.


Embedded computer: Form/fit/function

For one customer, we designed and produced a fanless embedded computer platform as a 1:1 replacement. The customer was no longer able to buy a product that could satisfy its hardware requirements.


We introduced several improvements that the customer wanted to add to the design, including DC controlled output and other features.

The task is an example of why there is no need to go for an “off the shelf” item when IMPC can make one that is suitable for the task.

Your direct route to your end goal

IMPC is accommodating and will take you seriously.

We have the ability to get to grips with (and challenge) your project.

Microsoft.NET specialists